Private Equity

Investment brokerage

Every day new ideas and challenges arise in our network. Through continuous exchange with our experts, partners and clients, we identify investment opportunities and communities of interest. Our goal is to bring together people with similar visions and approaches. This breeding ground for new ideas and investment opportunities creates long-term partnerships and stable investment contracts.

Business Case development

By developing business cases and investment cases, we ensure the analysis of profitability and investment opportunities. Within our network we work out possible options for action and forecast the financial and strategic effects of a possible investment. In our work, we pay particular attention to the economic viability of business participation or investment. An analysis of benefits, expenses and risks provides us with a comprehensive overview.

M&A Support

We prepare the buyer for the planned investment with the utmost care and discretion. In order to identify a depictable valuation, we analyse the strengths, weaknesses and risks of the property. During the transaction negotiations we are very close to the buyer and seller. We are specialists in negotiation, mediation and support you up to the completion of all necessary preparations up to the conclusion of the contract.

Implementation support

Even if all contracts and invest-ments are sealed, we remain present. As experienced members of the Board of Directors, we are happy to assume responsibility for committees or the Executive Board. With an active consulting mandate or as part of the board of directors of a company, we remain loyal to the entrepreneur and thus ensure the desired long-term success of both sides. We accompany management teams during implementation and ensure the continuous implementation of your goals.