More than Business, way more

Private Equity

As a company, we invest in ideas together with our customers and also for them. We contribute our expertise in the design, development and implementation of new ideas. In good times as well as bad, we represent the interests of the owners and encourage them to perform at their best. We create added value through responsible growth promotion and continuous operational improvement. Our focus here is on the individual and discrete support of our clients with high-value assets in the mid-market segment. As a long-term oriented investor, we invest in companies from niche markets or investment projects with a growth trend that can expand even in times of macroeconomic uncertainty.

Advisory Services

Strategy is the cornerstone of any company. Together with you and the responsible employees, we tailor goals to the available resources in order to develop your customized company strategy. During the ongoing improvement process, we find and eliminate stumbling blocks and, as a result, new ideas can be validated, scaled and ultimately implemented at any time. We also focus on your values when it comes to succession planning and ensure that your company will continue to be run in a professional manner. For restructuring and renovation plans, we are a discrete partner with a proven network of specialists. We plan your options for action and their execution together with you. Helvetia Partners will make you yearn for a successful future.


By Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

We provide focused support for companies using proven execution know-how and a network that spans the globe. Our customers' values and goals are our greatest inspiration. We build upon feasibility and practical execution, and the results of our work can be felt and measured.
To ensure long-term positive business development, we rely on perfected and clear-cut administration. We manage and supervise your office while you take care of your customers, products and services with peace of mind. Our transparent systems and processes enable you to have round-the-clock access to the latest business figures and data. Helvetia Partners always keeps you up to date, even when you are mobile.

Value Proposition

Together with our customers, we see ourselves as a team. We represent and help you execute your goals with pragmatism and dedication. Our large network, consisting of many different specialist, is available to us on-call and would be glad to advise you on any concerns. This network is our brand. As a company with years of experience, we knowingly focus on practically implementing all goals and visions together with people that work for you every day.


We are not advisers in the classic sense that present you with expert analyses and pre-fabricated strategies. We are committed to a process in which employees become multipliers of a mutual vision. We want to help apply your company culture on a daily basis and assist you in successfully overcoming the challenges of tomorrow. As Einstein has said, we believe that “the system always has every resource to solve a problem and that these problems cannot be solve with the same line of thinking that created them in the first place”