Advisory Services

Strategy Development
and Strategy Execution

Developing a good strategy is challenging, and executing it with the persons involved is an art–which is why we develop strategies in a systematic and integrative manner with the persons involved –which results in a realistic coordination between the goals and the available resources.

Business and
Organizational Development

Developing, validating, implementing, scaling and integrating ideas for different business models (with added value) is a consistent process – we focus our efforts wherever things are not running smoothly in this ongoing process. We also help setup or improve your organization in such a manner that it is capable of providing peak performance.

Succession Planning
and the Succession Plan

Succession planning and the succession plan pose a few challenges–also due in no small part to a cultural change with the generational shift–and there needs to be trust in the successors that they will do things properly. We assist in these succession processes by considering the established values and developing and transforming them with the successors.

and Renovation

And suddenly, liquidity is the problem–most of the time, it is only a symptom of a missing or failed strategy–we help you formulate an overview and develop and implement options for action. At the same time, looking for suitable financing for the future is also essential.